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Working Together

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce Big Bear Construction.  For the past 30 years we have worked on private, state, and federal projects in the NY tri-state area. We have made the move to the ever expanding market of Arizona and the southwest.   We are a total site development company and we perform all aspects of site work including but not limited to land clearing, site demolition, grading, site concrete, sewer, water and storm improvements, landscaping, signage and striping. 


Working Together

Working Together

Working Together

We offer an end-to-end client experience that includes seamless communication, budgeting, staffing, on-site organization, and solid, quality handiwork every time.


Why Choose Us?

Working Together

Why Choose Us?

Our professional project managers and field supervisors are Big Bear's, strongest commitment to excellence. With many years of combined experience, they are often called upon by clients for specific projects. Thoroughly trained in safety and technology, dedicated to perform excellence, they consistently represent our most valued asset and investment

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Big Bear Construction

One man, one shovel, and the desire to build his own heavy construction company is all it took. When Charles Wood Dittig started the company back in 1989 he started with installing water services in Toms River NJ one home at a time. Toms River was adding thousands of feet of new water mains throughout the streets along the coastal community.   These homes required  to have their water services connected from the street to the house. On a good day, for $300 a man could dig, backfill and get inspection. 16 months later he purchased his first  backhoe and the rest is history. Today Big Bear Construction is the culmination of that hard work  providing total site development from the ground up. Including clearing, grading, paving, sidewalks, curbs, structural concrete, sewer, storm and water improvements.



Charles Wood Distinctive Homes and Outdoor Living

In 1853 George Adam Dittig, and his son Frederick built a home at 674 Upper Mountain Ave. Montclair, New Jersey. With its distinctive Mansard roof, it was a masterpiece for its time. Today the Dittig home stands as the centerpiece of the Presby Memorial Iris Gardens, a New Jersey historical society landmark. Little did they realize more than a century later, their building tradition would continue. George's grandson, Albert Dittig along with a partner continued the tradition when he started Upper Greenwood Lake builders in 1920. Building many of the homes and log cabins on the lake. Their business read "Estimates Cheerfully Given". Today, George Adams great great great grandson Charles Wood Dittig Jr. continues the tradition of building. The materials and methods may have changed over 165 years but our motto of "Estimates Cheerfully Given" has never wavered. Our quality, distinctive style, and on time within budget project completion has made us a driving force in America today, and now entering the Phoenix, AZ market.


Superquick Hauling, LLC

Over the years performing heavy construction and residential buildings we found a small nitch in the industry that allowed us to supply small 10-12 yard dump trailers for construction debris cleanup, demolition, and small deliveries.  Calling Superquick is the right answer no matter what your needs.  Demolishing a small bath or kitchen? Call us! We can drop trailer in the morning and pick up in the evening for a small set fee.

Masons: Starting a job tomorrow?  Call us for your sand and stone needs. Roofers:  Doing a tile re-roof?  We can drop trailer, pick up next day and haul away. 

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